Each month, Lacrosse Magazine's "Your Edge" brings you tips from the best players in the game. In the February edition, Fairfield's Colin McLinden show you how to execute a jump shot off an alley dodge. An edited transcription of McLinden's tips from the video follows below.


I’m Colin McLinden, I’m a senior at Farfield, and today I’m going to teach you about the jump shot down the alley.

The first thing you want to do is chop your feet to get your defender on his heels. Get him off balance so you’re able to get by him.

After you chop your feet, it’s time for the split. As you’re coming out of the split, show the goalie your shoulder to hide your stick and create deception.

Get up on your left leg, get your arm straight back and as far away as possible to maximize the power on your shot. As you’re following through, get your right leg all the way through and get into a backpedal.

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