Each month, Lacrosse Magazine's "Your Edge" brings you tips from the best players in the game. In the March edition, Team USA midfielder Caitlyn Phipps, the 2010 Tewaaraton Award winner for the University of Maryland, shows you her tips for collecting draw controls off the circle. An edited transcription from the video follows below.


I’m going to be taking us through how to win the draw, get to space and create a fast break.

I think the biggest thing is being able to explode off the line as soon as the ref’s hand goes down and blows the whistle. I try to get a step right in front of my defender so that I’m the first one to the ball.

Once I explode off the line and box out my defender, my eyes are all focused on the ball. Once I get the ball, it’s just being able to run to space. A lot of times, you try to go forward and you run into the [defense]. But if you can get your head up and find that space, then you have your open teammates down the field for pass, and they can continue to push transition.

When this goes perfectly, it’s an amazing feeling, because if I’m the one to win the draw, it takes your whole team to be able to find that fast break, that open look. When you’re able to move the ball quickly with your teammates for an easy goal, that’s the best feeling.

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