Michigan's Keys to the 10-Man Ride

Mar 10, 2016

The 10-man ride is popular at the collegiate level, but does it work in high school. Michigan coach John Paul thinks so, and offers some keys to making it work.

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Responding to Coaches Queries and Comments

Mar 10, 2016

As an official, responding to coaches during a game is one specific aspect of overall communication with coaches. Yes, there are rules and procedures in place in the rulebook, but responding to a coach is often more art than science, more dealing with human behavior under stress than applying lacrosse knowledge.

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Soft Stick Equipment Grant Spurs Lacrosse Interest

Mar 09, 2016

Gender neutral plastic sticks and soft balls help schools and community organizations to safely introduce lacrosse to new youth participants.

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Use Fun to Develop and Keep Players

Mar 04, 2016

The pressure to be like “ Maryland” is driving kids away from lacrosse in many developing areas. I grew up playing in Maryland, so I’m familiar with the difference between my home state and the developing lacrosse states I’ve lived in more recently as an adult, as a parent and a coach.

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Parents: Talking About Diversity with Your Kids

Mar 02, 2016

US Lacrosse offers five tips to help parents start a conversation about diversity and inclusion with their kids.

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Spotlight on Female Concussions

Mar 01, 2016

International summit featured experts sharing information about gender differences in brain injury, symptoms and recovery.

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The Medicine Game

Feb 25, 2016

EXCEL program uses lacrosse as a therapeutic recreation model to assist high risk youths.

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In Your Own Words

Feb 24, 2016

The third annual diversity and inclusion essay contest is underway and we welcome your submissions.

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3 Tips for Identifying College Fit

Feb 23, 2016

Evaluate prospective colleges against criteria in academics, social experience and lacrosse, writes Ryan Boyle.

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Clarification on Girls Stick Specifications for 2016

Feb 22, 2016

US Lacrosse issues clarifications to the women’s lacrosse stick manufacturers’ specifications for the 2016 season.

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