Shed Your Expectations and Coach for More Than Wins

Dec 17, 2013

I recently had a teachable moment with my 13-year-old son. He was frustrated by the fact that one of our dogs, Callie—a Great Pyrenees—was leaving a record of her travels throughout the house in the form of soft white fur.

He was tired of waking up with fur in his mouth, fur on his clothes, and generally fur everywhere. He was mad at Callie and he reprimanded her for lounging on the couch. I asked him if he thought that the dog left her fur everywhere just to annoy him.

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Not All Fouls Are Created Equal: How Officials Set Priorities

Dec 04, 2013

The nature of officiating is to react to a play and call it accordingly. Keeping the game safe is the first priority.

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The Darker Side of Goal Setting

Dec 01, 2013

Why it’s important to envision the challenges and obstacles, not just the desired result

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New Equipment Fitting Guide for Parents and Players

Nov 26, 2013

First-time lacrosse parents can face a big learning curve in determining how to properly equip their children for play. The new US Lacrosse Equipment Fitting Guide will ease the process.

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9 Inside Tips for Officiating Faceoffs

Nov 21, 2013

Many of you will recognize the photo of former Delaware All-American Alex Smith grabbing the ball on a faceoff as the picture that stoked the proverbial fire when it comes to cheating during faceoffs. In reality, this debate has been going on for decades.

Faceoffs are one of the most critical—and at times, hotly-contested—aspects of today’s game. It seems like every rules cycle, a proposal surfaces to outright remove faceoffs from the game and multiple proposals are brought forth on how to prevent players from gaining an advantage.

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USL Safety Initiatives Consistent With Concussion Report Recommendations

Nov 16, 2013

US Lacrosse supports the findings and recommendations of the report on youth concussions and reaffirms its commitment to reducing the risk of injury at all levels of the sport.

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7 Steps to Building a Team-First Culture

Nov 14, 2013

As you progress through offseason planning, don’t forget about how you’ll build your team’s culture. Use these seven steps to help guide the process.

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Confessions of a B-Team Mom

Nov 11, 2013

Making the "B" team isn't the end of the world. It might be the best thing that ever happened to your child.

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Being Involved—by Letting Go of Control

Nov 11, 2013

When I was 17 years old, my father urged me to join him one morning to practice driving in the snow. When we arrived at the local parking lot turned open expanse of fresh powder, he asked me to take the wheel and get a feel for the car. I drove cautiously, stopping and accelerating at low speeds. My dad chuckled as I gripped the handle tightly at 10 and 2 and worked to gain control of the 1974 Volare station wagon.

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Abbott’s Tips for Faceoffs

Nov 01, 2013

Veteran NCAA and MLL official Tom Abbott tackled faceoffs at the 2013 US Lacrosse National Convention, presented by Champion.

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