The Continuum of Physical Literacy

Mar 17, 2021

Physical literacy skills are related to age but are not dependent on age. Some kids will develop certain movement skills earlier than the norm, others will develop skills later. 

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US Lacrosse PE Program Aims to Help Get Lacrosse in Schools

Feb 04, 2021

In its continuing effort to help grow the sport by utilizing the resources offered by schools, US Lacrosse held a free five-session professional development workshop for physical education instructors as part of this year’s US Lacrosse Convention.

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LaxCon 2021: The Small-Sided Movement

Jan 26, 2021

In an effort to keep expanding the sport of lacrosse, many organizations having begun thinking outside of the traditional parameters of the game. As part of that process, the relatively new discipline of small-sided lacrosse has emerged.

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Six Ways to Create a Fun and Player-Centered Experience

Dec 09, 2020

Fun and player-centered, one of the US Lacrosse Core Values of Athlete Development, is a reminder to keep the experience about the players. How do we do that? Here are six ways to create the experience your players want for the upcoming lacrosse season (and beyond).

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Takeaways From the US Lacrosse "Athlete Mindset Series"

Nov 18, 2020

Here are the top takeaways from the US Lacrosse Athlete Mindset Series, an eight-part series featuring Dr. Arman Taghizadeh "Dr. T" and guests from the lacrosse world on a variety of topics.

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The Importance of Athlete Mindset

Nov 17, 2020

When thinking about our Core Value, Inclusive and Age Appropriate, a key part of it is the development of athletes in environments that are welcoming for all and development that is appropriate for the stage of development the athlete is in. Often, development is thought of as mostly physical. However, it includes emotional and mental development, too.

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Resilience in New Mexico: Albuquerque All In on Lacrosse

Nov 04, 2020

Even during a pandemic, Albuquerque Youth Lacrosse is finding ways to stay involved in the sport. US Lacrosse resources — from the Lacrosse Athlete Development Model, First Stick Program and TryLax — have helped the organization prosper.

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Fundamental Motor Skills: The Alphabet of the Physically Literate Lacrosse Athlete

Aug 12, 2020

Youth lacrosse coaches must consider both the specific skills needed for the sport (i.e., cradle, pass, shoot, catch, etc.), and the bio-motor abilities (i.e., balance, speed, agility, flexibility, etc.) that help the young lacrosse athlete physically perform the specific sport skills effectively.

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What Playing Multiple Sports Has Taught U.S. Team Athletes

Jul 30, 2020

Did you know that every current U.S. national team player —in both our men's and women's programs —have all participated in multiple sports throughout their lives? We asked them: What skill(s) have you learned from playing multiple sports? This is what they shared.

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Celebrating Multi-Sport Paticipation

Jul 23, 2020

Multi-sport participation is one of the six core values in the Lacrosse Athlete Development Model. Lauren Davenport shows some of the reasons why.

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