VIDEO: Safe Return to Play for Spring Lacrosse

Mar 04, 2021

As spring arrives, lacrosse players of all ages are anxious to return to the field of play. But doing so safely remains utmost for all participants. Dr. Richard Hinton, a member of the USL Sports Science & Safety Committee and sports medicine medical director for MedStar Health, provides some recommendations.

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US Lacrosse Evolves Abuse Prevention Program

Mar 02, 2021

US Lacrosse is evolving its program to help prevent potential abuse within the sports environment. The new name of the initiative is the Abuse Prevention Program and an online course is available free of charge to all US Lacrosse coach and official members as a benefit of membership.

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US Lacrosse Supports We Stand Initiative

Mar 02, 2021

US Lacrosse is proud to work with Nation United Foundation (NUF), Black Lacrosse Alliance and other stakeholders in the lacrosse community in supporting the WE STAND initiative, an effort aimed at promoting anti-harassment and anti-racism in sports.

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US Lacrosse Announces 2021 NTDP Process

Feb 25, 2021

The National Team Development Program (NTDP), an extended pathway for elite high school players to lay the foundation for eventual participation on the U.S. national teams, is back in 2021. US Lacrosse has announced the process and dates for the 2021 program.

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Webinar: Medical Experts Offer Advice for Spring Lacrosse Play

Feb 22, 2021

US Lacrosse health and medical experts recently provided guidance to help the lacrosse community navigate a safe return to the field for the spring season.

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Uncomfortable vs. Unsafe: How to Tell the Difference when Working with Youth Athletes

Feb 19, 2021

Adults are responsible for keeping kids safe, but it’s important for both adults and young athletes to recognize the difference between unsafe and uncomfortable so that athletes can face and grow from uncomfortable situations.

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LaxCon 2021: 4 the Future Seeks to Preserve the Spirit of Lacrosse

Feb 16, 2021

Native lacrosse athletes see themselves as ambassadors for their game, sharing with the rest of the world the values that they have always associated with lacrosse. That's one of the reasons that the four Thompson bothers have launched a new foundation

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Five Activities to Build Resilience in Youth Athletes

Feb 12, 2021

Developing resilience in the athletes on your team is critical, but it doesn’t have to be hard. Follow these five simple steps to help your athletes become more resilient.

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LaxCon 2021: The Power of Inclusive Leadership

Feb 09, 2021

The panelists in this LaxCon 2021 session discussed how an inclusive team environment correlates to team success, and how coaches and team leaders must both proactively take responsibility for creating an inclusive culture.

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Union’s Abi Jackson Committed to Impactful Coaching

Feb 08, 2021

Union College's Abi Jackson well understands the potentially powerful impact of being a coach. Beyond just helping players with skill development and game understanding, a coach can leave a lasting imprint on a young person’s life.

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