Is The Time Right?

Jun 01, 2016

How much time does your family spend in activities related to youth lacrosse?

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US Lacrosse Announces Creation of the Center for Sport Science

May 19, 2016

Center will seek to expand and elevate lacrosse safety initiatives by serving as a hub for research, education, collaboration and policy development.

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Can the Ball Make the Game Safer?

May 18, 2016

An often-overlooked piece of equipment related to safety is the actual lacrosse ball. Original research in 2005 by Trey Crisco, a member of the US Lacrosse Sports Science and Safety Committee, led to the development of a NOCSAE ball standard.

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Stenersen to Speak on Concussions at Hearing

May 12, 2016

Steve Stenersen, President and CEO of US Lacrosse, will speak in Washington D.C. tomorrow at a U.S. House of Representatives subcommittee hearing

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The Fastest Game on Two Wheels

May 11, 2016

Wheelchair lacrosse is gaining in popularity across the United States, thanks to two San Diego natives that started a non-profit organization called Wheelchair Lacrosse USA.

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Safety a Heady Issue

May 03, 2016

US Lacrosse VP Ann Carpenetti takes a look at the development of the women's lacrosse headgear performance standard.

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Trends in Youth Lacrosse Participation

Apr 13, 2016

Survey feedback from parents provides insight into youth lacrosse playing time habits and multi-sport participation tendencies.

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Teaching for Extension and Application

Apr 12, 2016

Teaching for extension and application relates to expanding instruction so that students are given the opportunity to think creatively by applying the skills and content in meaningful, active, real-world problem solving tasks.

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Female Athletes Discuss Concussions

Apr 06, 2016

Female athletes shared their concussion experiences during a player panel at the recent international summit in Washington, D.C.

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LaxPrep Program Aims to Reduce ACL Injury Risk

Mar 14, 2016

Online tutorial available to help coaches and athletic trainers implement the research-based exercise program with their lacrosse athletes.

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