Spotlight on Female Concussions

Mar 01, 2016

International summit featured experts sharing information about gender differences in brain injury, symptoms and recovery.

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US Lacrosse Experts to Serve as Presenters at Concussion Summit

Feb 16, 2016

Event set to explore the gender differences in brain injury, symptoms and recovery.

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Report: Most Youth Boys’ Lacrosse Injuries Are Lower Extremity

Feb 08, 2016

Research study indicates most youth boys' lacrosse injuries are minor and do not involve extended participation time loss.

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Don’t Let a Missing CMP Leave You Vulnerable

Dec 17, 2015

Having a documented Concussion Management Plan could be one of the most important decisions your lacrosse organization will make.

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Applications for Safety Research Grants Being Accepted

Apr 30, 2015

US Lacrosse seeks to support original scientific investigations to improve health and safety of participants.

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One for the Ages: Youth Lacrosse Age Verification and Event Sanctioning

Apr 29, 2015

US Lacrosse hopes to put an end to uneven play with two new youth lacrosse initiatives—age verification and event sanctioning.

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Safety Over Everything: Accountability in Lacrosse Officiating

Apr 09, 2015

Officials are at the game for safety first, then fairness. If the safety calls are made and neither team gets an unfair advantage, then the kids will have fun.

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The Best Job in the World

Mar 16, 2015

Athletic trainers are medical professionals specifically trained to deal with any and all injuries associated with sports.

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New Women's Lacrosse Eyewear Standard Effective in 2017

Feb 24, 2015

New women's lacrosse eyewear standard receives ASTM approval.

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Warrior Announces Updated Plan for Regulator Helmet Exchanges

Feb 04, 2015

Warrior's updated helmet replacement program involves a partnership with Lacrosse Unlimited.

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