Give 'em a Break: Adjusting Parent Attitudes Toward Officials

Apr 03, 2015

Youth sports safety involves parents working with coaches and officials to make the player experience better.

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How Are You Going to Call the Game Today?

Apr 02, 2015

The single most aggravating question I get asked on a regular basis by coaches at every level is: “how are you going to call the game today?” This is where the game-within-a-game begins between the officiating crew and the coach. Key point number one is that the Referee, or crew chief, does all the answering. One crew, one voice.

When I am the Referee I tend to give variations of the same answer - “We’re going to call whatever the players give us today coach.” I learned the hard way not to paint myself into a corner with statements like:

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What Are We Thinking? An Open Letter to the Lacrosse Community

Mar 19, 2015

A lacrosse dad who admittedly has gotten caught up in the “machine” looks at challenges facing the sport and offers perspective on potential changes.

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Keeps Up With the Pace of Play

Mar 18, 2015

Being a young official makes it hard to form working bonds with coaches because nearly all of them are older than me and I do not have the same life experiences to relate to. Fortunately a few years ago there was a high school coach closer to my age, and we had a good give and take whenever I officiated one of his team's games. I thought our ages made the coach/official relationship better, but that was not the case. This coach made a comment that stuck with me. He said: "Gordon, I don't always agree with your calls but you always hustle and you don't take plays off.

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Things I Learned at the Vail LAREDO 3

Mar 06, 2015

This summer I attended my first US Lacrosse Referee Development (LAREDO) clinic. The LAREDO program began in the late 1980s as a way to teach two and three-person mechanics to officials in areas new to lacrosse. Clinics are led by experienced clinicians, all of whom are elite officials with years of experience both on the field and in the classroom. The program has evolved to provide opportunities for officials at various points in their careers and now serves as a means of standardizing best practices throughout the country.

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Worst Evaluation Ever

Feb 18, 2015

Getting evaluated can be a positive or negative experience depending entirely on how you approach the evaluation.

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Correct Application: A Hard Key to Officiating Success

Feb 17, 2015

Officials often joke that “the rules are overrated.” Our resident zebra explains why knowing the rules is the easy part, but applying them correctly is tough.

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Cliff Keen Athletic Named Officials Apparel Supplier

Feb 13, 2015

US Lacrosse today announced Cliff Keen Athletic as the official apparel supplier of the US Lacrosse Officials Education Program, a deal that includes savings on apparel and gear for member-officials.

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In The Driver’s Seat

Feb 06, 2015

New officials are terrible. This is not news, and I am not writing this to discourage new officials currently working games or any individuals just starting off in stripes. I can tell you that new officials aren’t good because I was a terrible official starting off. I made mistake after mistake in every area of officiating: mechanics, positioning, rules knowledge, judgment, game management, and consistency. I made up for this with a willingness to learn and add to my meager officiating skill set.

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Don’t Give Us the New Ref! A Lacrosse Official’s Perspective

Feb 05, 2015

New doesn't automatically mean bad—it means new. Our resident official lays out reasonable expectations for youth lacrosse officials and parents this season.

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