Webinar Wrapup: Risk Considerations When Return to Lacrosse Games

Jul 06, 2020

Last Thursday, US Lacrosse hosted its third webinar in a series of offerings aimed at helping the lacrosse community navigate the steps of returning to the field amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. The webinar was specifically focused on “Risk Considerations When Returning to Lacrosse Games and Practices.”

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US Lacrosse Releases Final Stage of Return to Play Recommendations

Jul 01, 2020

US Lacrosse has released information for the final stage of its Return to Play recommendations—multi-day, multi-team tournaments with teams from varying geographic regions.

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Technology Upgrades Coming to US Lacrosse

Jun 29, 2020

We are hard at work making technology upgrades to enhance the online experience for our members. In order to facilitate these improvements, there will be limited access to our online platforms beginning Sunday, June 28.

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A Call to Action for the Lacrosse Community: Create Opportunities

Jun 25, 2020

Lauren Davenport, manager of athlete development at US Lacrosse, shares her experiences with race and tangible steps the lacrosse community can take to create more opportunities for people of color in the sport.

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US Lacrosse to Host Two Return to Play Webinars

Jun 15, 2020

US Lacrosse has scheduled two Return to Play webinars over the coming weeks to help provide additional guidance to the lacrosse community as the sport continues to resume play following the shutdown for the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Together as One

Jun 11, 2020

In the last two weeks, we have seen overwhelming support to make much-needed strides towards improving racial equality in our country. Voices that have been silent for far too long have finally been heard. US Lacrosse is committed to do its part to enact change.

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Digital Only Issue of US Lacrosse Magazine Coming to Members

Jun 11, 2020

The expanded digital-only July/August issue of US Lacrosse Magazine, a signature benefit of US Lacrosse membership, will include immersive and interactive features, in-depth reporting on the current topics in our sport and coverage from each of the 10 US Lacrosse regions. An email with a link will be sent to members on June 25.

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Mental Health Awareness Is Critical During COVID-19

Jun 10, 2020

Four medical professionals and a national championship lacrosse athlete shared their insights about mental health in US Lacrosse's panel series webinar.

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MedStar Health Helps to Shape USL’s Return to Play Guidelines

Jun 09, 2020

Five of the 12 members of the medical advisory group that developed the return to play guidelines are affiliated with MedStar Health, which serves as Official Sports Medicine Partner of US Lacrosse & Team USA.

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NGB Executives Sound Off on the Future of Youth Sports

Jun 05, 2020

Return to play, digital strategy and the rebirth of community-based play were popular subjects Thursday, as US Lacrosse hosted the first edition of “Sports in the COVID Era,” an interactive webinar series bringing together industry leaders to discuss the short- and long-term effects of the pandemic on youth sports.

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