Top 10 Questions on NFHS Boys Lacrosse Rules

Jun 09, 2016

Each season the US Lacrosse Officials Education Program receives emails from coaches, players, parents, and officials on game situations wondering what the correct ruling is. Here are the top 10 questions from the 2016 season.</p>

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Can the Ball Make the Game Safer?

May 18, 2016

An often-overlooked piece of equipment related to safety is the actual lacrosse ball. Original research in 2005 by Trey Crisco, a member of the US Lacrosse Sports Science and Safety Committee, led to the development of a NOCSAE ball standard.

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How It Works: Illegal Body-Checking Rule in Youth Lacrosse

Dec 21, 2015

Our resident official dives into the illegal body-checking rule as it applies to youth lacrosse, and discusses the differences in application between youth and high school play.

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How it Works: Illegal Body Checking Rule in Boys Lacrosse

Oct 13, 2015

What makes a check legal or illegal? Our resident official gives a point-by-point breakdown of the illegal body checking foul in boys lacrosse.

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One for the Ages: Youth Lacrosse Age Verification and Event Sanctioning

Apr 29, 2015

US Lacrosse hopes to put an end to uneven play with two new youth lacrosse initiatives—age verification and event sanctioning.

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Social Media Agreement for Youth and High School Lacrosse

Mar 20, 2015

How can you keep athletes from detrimental uses of social media? You can’t completely, but you can educate them. Use this free template to create accountability.

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2015 NCAA, NFHS Rule Books Available on

Feb 06, 2015

This year’s NCAA and NFHS Men’s and Women’s Rule Books are now available for purchase on

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2015 Rule Changes Announced for Girls’ High School and Youth Lacrosse

Oct 23, 2014

US Lacrosse has announced 13 rule revisions for women's lacrosse, effective for the 2015 girls' high school and youth lacrosse seasons.

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4 Unwritten Rule Ideas for Improving Youth Boys Lacrosse

Oct 21, 2014

These “off the books” rules can help youth boys’ lacrosse players improve their skills and maintain a safe, positive experience.

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