Building the Modern Player

Building the Modern Player/AttackerUS Lacrosse has joined forces with two of the bestselling authors on the women’s game of lacrosse, Scott Biron and Janine Tucker. Both Scott and Janine have produced major parts of the US Lacrosse Coaching Education Program, in addition to their bestselling drill book for women’s lacrosse "Go to Drills", and now have created continuing education resources on development for midfielders and attackers.

The "Modern Series" of continuing education resources are the most comprehensive resources on the market for women's lacrosse. Coach Tucker has been fine-tuning her players at Johns Hopkins University for years. She has utilized this experience, and the U19 knowledge of Coach Biron, to create resources that explain the process of coaching and developing players into game changers at every position.

Attacker topics include:

  • Stickwork
  • Shooting
  • Dodging
  • Faking
  • Feeding
  • Cutting
  • Picks
  • Picking
  • Two-player game
  • Running an offense
  • Player up/player down after a yellow card
  • Attackers role in the ride and clear

Midfielder topics include:

  • Stickwork
  • Shooting
  • Power of Drop Steps
  • Riding
  • The Intercept
  • Fitness
  • Picks
  • Turn Her
  • Crash
  • Double Teams
  • Game Sense

Defender topics include:

  • Developing Complete Defenders
  • Attitude Mindset and Work Ethic
  • Defensive Footwork
  • Survival Stickwork
  • Defending Cutters
  • Double Teams
  • Team Defense
  • Player-Down Defense
  • Breaking a Stall
  • Goalie Play

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