Contact the Ethics Advisory Subcommittee

Submit your questions or requests for advice on ethical issues to the Ethics Advisory Subcommittee (EAS).  In order to permit appropriate response and necessary follow up, submittals may not be anonymous.

The EAS is not responsible for investigating or managing ethical issues outside of the US Lacrosse structure, although this subcommittee functions as a screening resource for Ethics and Code complaints involving US Lacrosse members.

Items not part of this process:

  • Coach/parent/fan behavior at games and tournaments
    ○  Contact league director, tournament director and/or sponsoring organization for resolution
  • Privately-run tournaments that are not US Lacrosse-sanctioned or choose not to comply with US Lacrosse rules/guidelines/best practices
    ○  See
  • Parents having difficulty with a coach
    ○  Contact program director and/or sponsoring organization for resolution
  • Running up the score
    ○  Poor sportsmanship, but not ethical violation
  • Tryout procedures for leagues/clubs/teams
    ○  Contact program director, league director and/or sponsoring organization for resolution
  • Recognition criteria
    ○  Contact program director, league director and/or sponsoring organization for resolution

Ethics Violations can include the following:

  • Actions that could result in actual or perceived personal gain and/or adversely affect the interests, mission or integrity of US Lacrosse
  • Verbal statements or actions that may threaten or harm another individual
  • Maligning of officials, parents or players
  • Derogatory, discriminatory or hateful language directed at a player, parent, official or coach.
  • Skirting the rules for competitive advantage

US Lacrosse has zero-tolerance for unsportsmanlike behavior including any language or actions that are derogatory, discriminatory or hateful in nature.  This behavior can include discrimination based on race, ethnicity, color, religion, ancestry, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, or a mental, physical or sensory disability. US Lacrosse encourages organizations, leagues, and tournaments to adopt the anti-harassment and discrimination policy that can be found here.