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Our Story

Teaching and Transforming Lives through Lacrosse

The Maryland Junior Lacrosse program from 1965 to 1976 was a magical time.

This is a story of how we learned to play lacrosse... and, how we learned to become men. For those of us lucky enough to be there during our impressionable teenage years, two men - Thomas Nuttle and Elmer Wingate - were our coaches, and our role models. Their coaching style was patient, certain, and correct - shaping our skills and more importantly, our ability to behave and to know right from wrong. These coaches shared a conviction that all children, regardless of circumstance, should have the opportunity to play this great game, and they welcomed all who came ready to play and to learn.

Again and again, Coaches Nuttle and Wingate showed us how to persevere, hone technique, give up the ball, get that back-hand down on ground balls, back up our teammates, and win gracefully. Lacrosse skills that directly translated into the fundamental life skills of hard work, teamwork, generosity, and good fellowship. We took away so much more than we could imagine from those remarkably brief seasons of only two practices per week - each a couple of hours long - and one game on Sundays. Each interaction filled with unforgettable memories and essential values that transformed our lives.

Our Goal

To honor the memory of these two exceptional men and the powerful life lessons they taught us, our goal is to build a memorial tribute at the US Lacrosse Headquarters and to sponsor a Nuttle-Wingate First Stick grant supporting the transformative impact a new start-up lacrosse program can have on the lives of kids. Through these tributes we will celebrate the lives of Coaches Nuttle and Wingate, recognizing their passion for lacrosse and their belief in the power of coaching and a positive sports experience.

Your Contribution

A Permanent Memorial

Nuttle-Wingate Legacy Terrace

The new US Lacrosse Headquarters includes a terrace on the north end of the building. This terrace sits along the main promenade and overlooks William G. Tierney Field, home to Team USA. The terrace is a natural gathering spot for families, teams and fans, and our intention is to name this The Nuttle-Wingate Terrace. At The Nuttle-Wingate Terrace, we will memorialize the contributions of Coaches Nuttle and Wingate on a permanent plaque, allowing all who visit a glimpse into this piece of lacrosse history and forever linking the legacy of these two men with the fabric of our sport. 

An Annual Grant to Help Launch New Youth Lacrosse

Each year, US Lacrosse First Stick grants are awarded to deserving programs across the country, helping to grow our sport and providing all children, regardless of means, the chance to play lacrosse. First Stick grants are awarded to new teams anywhere in the United States. Through our efforts we intend to establish an annual Nuttle-Wingate First Stick grant, further commemorating Coaches Nuttle and Wingate's passion and commitment to ensuring that all children have the opportunity to know and love our great game.  

How You Can Help

In order to complete our goal, we need to raise $100,000 in total. The great news is we are already halfway there!  A generous $50,000 challenge grant has been given to catalyze our efforts. 

There are so many of us whose lives were deeply influenced by this special time in our sport and these two remarkable coaches. Your support today is the best way to help and to give back to celebrate all that Coaches Nuttle and Wingate have meant to you and your life. To help us reach our goal, please click the donate link below and make a contribution today. Your support at any level is appreciated, but please note that all gifts of $1,000 or more will be recognized by name at The Nuttle-Wingate Terrace.  

Thank you so much in advance for your consideration of support.  We look forward to hearing from you.


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Share Your Own Life Lessons

We are forever grateful that Coaches Nuttle and Wingate understood that for young lacrosse players it’s great to win, but even more important to enjoy and learn from the experience. Add your own lacrosse life-lessons learned, stories or pictures on the Nuttle-Wingate Legacy Facebook Page.

Here are just a few remembrances:

  • Always put others first
  • There is no “I” in TEAM
  • Thank the guy who gave you the assist
  • Your word is your bond and your handshake seals the deal
  • Win with grace and lose with dignity
  • An assist is as good as a goal
  • No practice - no game
  • Talk back to the referee, and you sit on the bench
  • No excessive celebration after a goal - run back to your spot and get ready for the face-off 
  • Don't be a sore loser or big-headed winner; show class at all times
  • Shake your competitor's hand and look him in the eye 
  • No fighting – let your play on the field make your case
  • Play Hard, Play Fair, Play Clean and always give your best effort
  • Cheer for your teammates -- even when they have made a mistake
  • Don't stop playing until you hear the whistle.