Are you ready to get Involved?

For those new to lacrosse or looking to stay involved with the game, there are a few ways to help. Knowledgeable Coaches and Officials are in high demand across the country. The first step is to get connected to a local organization where you can make an impact, get trained, and get on the field. Click on one of the links below to fill out a form that will connect you with your local contact.

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Join US Lacrosse

Joining US Lacrosse will provide you with great resources and incentives. You will receive great educational resources, discounts, and other tools that will assist you in becoming the best you can be.

Join US Lacrosse

Get Certified

US Lacrosse offers comprehensive training, education, and certification for all officials. To learn more about the requirements for certification, follow the links below:

Coaches Certification Officials Certification

Get Out on The Field

Once you complete all the steps to becoming a coach or official, you will be ready to step out on the field and help participants have a great experience. Keep doing your part, learning, and improving so that you become better and make others around you better. Most importantly, have fun doing it!