US Lacrosse recognizes the important role that assigners of lacrosse officials play in the quality of experience for all participants.

Assigning officials to games is challenging. It is an essential part of allowing the games to be played safely and fairly. When done well, assigning has the most positive impact on player safety. It also is an activity that can also lead to controversy and dissatisfaction if not executed professionally and methodically.

Over the next two years the organization hopes to provide expanded support and resources for assigners of lacrosse for high school and youth as they look to responsibly provide qualified officials to support our rapidly growing sport.


Applications are reviewed by US Lacrosse Officials Development Region and State Coordinators as well as US Lacrosse staff. 


Applications for the Assignor Certification Program are now open. Applications will be accepted until January 31, 2020.

Assigner Certification

The assigner certification program purpose is to provide and deliver initial comprehensive skill training as well as ongoing professional growth and development for lacrosse assigners.

To accomplish this by using the requirements listed below and focusing on the important role of assigners in the game and how they can be a conduit for excellent officiating and how they can achieve that effectively, efficiently and responsibly.


Thank you for your interest in the US Lacrosse Certification Programs. The application period for 2019 is now open and will remain open until January 31, 2020. 

Apply Today

Interested applicants should be:

  • An official, assignor or other program administrator with at least three years of officiating on and/or off the field experience in their area.
  • Past experience assigning and scheduling officials is a plus, but not required.
    • Please note, this certification program does not grant anyone the right or privilege to be an assignor in an area. That is dictated contractually with independent leagues and officiating organizations outside of US Lacrosse and at the local and/or state levels. 

How Will US Lacrosse Evaluate the Applications?

Applications are evaluated by US Lacrosse Officials Development State and Region Coordinators as well as US Lacrosse staff and based on the following criteria:

Quality of the application:

  • All fields are complete.
  • Questions are clearly answered.
  • Includes two recommendations from local area officials

Certification Requirements

Those wishing to achieve their certification as an assigner must complete all of the requirements below.

  1. Apply using the link on this page.
  2. Have a current US Lacrosse Membership with Official Participation
  3. Register into the Certified Assigner program and pay the $100 registration fee.
  4. Initiate a background check through US Lacrosse's background check provider NCSI.
  5. Complete the US Lacrosse Boy's or Girl's Rules Online Course at learning.uslacrosse.org
  6. Complete the US Lacrosse Certified Assigner Online Course (link provided after registering).
  7. Sign the "Professional Standards for Assigners" Agreement (included in the Assigner Online Course)
  8. Pass the upcoming season's rules tests (NFHS or Collegiate + USL Youth) with an 85% or better at learning.uslacrosse.org.
  9. Complete the US Lacrosse Cultural Competency Online Course at learning.uslacrosse.org

Recertification Requirements

Those who have completed their initial certification requirements must recertify annually in order to maintain their status as a certified assigner.

  1. Have a current US Lacrosse Membership with Official Participation
  2. Maintain a current background check through US Lacrosse's background check provider NCSI.
  3. Complete the Annual Recertification Program Registration 
  4. Complete the Annual Assigning Analysis Report (link provided during the recertification period)
  5. Signed “Professional Standards for Assigners” Agreement (included in the Annual Analysis Report)
  6. Pass the upcoming season's rules tests (NFHS or Collegiate + USL Youth) with an 85% or better at learning.uslacrosse.org.

Benefits of Certification

  • Access to General & Excess Liability insurance
  • Access to Directors & Officers (D&O) Liability insurance
  • Access to Employment Practices Liability (EPLI) insurance

For more information about these benefits and how they provide key protection for assigners can be found here: www.uslacrosse.org/membership/insurance