The schedule for the 2018 summer clinics will be posted by the US Lacrosse National Convention, January 19-21.

Level 1 Clinics

Level 1 clinics are designed for both established and developing areas that want to supplement or build a foundation for learning and development of officials. That learning and development starts in the classroom and these clinics focus on the classroom training requirements for certification for both new and returning officials. There is no application for Level 1 clinics as they are open to all interested officials.

City State Dates Registration Link
Baltimore MD 6/1-2 Player Academy Registration
Amherst MA 6/8-9 Player Academy Registration

Level 2 Clinics

Level 2 clinics are designed around two-person mechanics and are geared toward officials looking to develop their skills and become stronger overall officials. These clinics combine classroom training with a heavy emphasis on repeated on-field observations for immediate, actionable feedback from the clinicians.

2018 Clinics 

City State Dates Registration Link
Naples FL Dec 14-16 Register
DeMoines IA Aug 24-26 Register
Irvine CA June 29-July 1


Level 3 Clinics

Level 3 clinics are designed for three-person mechanics and more advanced levels of plays. These clinics combine classroom training and challenging on-field observations that emphasize proper positioning, game management and a focus on key areas of responsibility.

* Indicates the clinic is offered in conjunction with the CWLOA as a Level 3/Transitional Hybrid Clinic.  Participants may earn a recommendation to attend a CWLOA Collegiate Clinic.

2018 Clinics 

City State Dates Registration Link
*Stony Brook NY May 25-27


*Grand Rapids MI June 15-17 Register
*Stillwater MN July 20-22 Register
*Portland OR July 20-22 Full
Houston TX Nov 30-Dec 2 Register