The Challenge

  • Improve your game and grow the game
  • Get as many reps as you can
  • Ask family and friends to sponsor you
  • Turn your reps into donations
  • Support the US Lacrosse First Stick Program
  • Compete regionally and nationally

US Lacrosse First Stick Program benefits new and developing youth and high school lacrosse teams nationwide. Grants provide equipment, safety resources, US Lacrosse Membership and coach training. In 2016, new lacrosse opportunities were provided to more than 2,500 boys and girls through 128 First Stick Grants to deserving programs in 35 states.

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WallBall Challenge

Paul Rabil offers some drills to help you improve while participating in the US Lacrosse WallBall Challenge.

How Do I Play?

  • Download the SNYPR app from the iTunes App Store or Google Play
  • Register for the app and then accept the WallBall Challenge inside the app
  • You will need to secure your phone to your right arm with a SNYPR sleeve or cut-off tube sock. Buy your sleeve at
  • Hit PLAY in the app, and slide your phone into the sleeve (phone must be upside down with screen facing out, and the app will automatically count your reps)
  • Play wall ball or have a catch!
  • Contest Rules

Prizes Provided By



You will need to download the SNYPR WallBall app from the App Store or Google Play. Each player needs to register for the app and then accept the WallBall Challenge inside the app.
Participants in the WallBall Challenge will appear on regional and national leaderboards. Leaderboards are based on the number of reps completed. If a participant is also on a team, their reps will also be counted towards their team standings. Each participant will have a personal profile page where they can see their reps, their recent activity and progress in the app.

Players will need a way to securely attach their phone to their upper right arm when playing wallball or having a catch with friend(s). Players can use a custom SNYPR sleeve, a sock that has the toe cut off, or a soccer shin guard compression sleeve. The sleeve must hold the phone (upside down and with screen facing out) tight to the upper right arm.

You can purchase a SNYPR sleeve online from

No, anyone who can download the app can play. Players under 13 years of age must receive parental consent as required by COPPA regulations.

When a player under 13 signs up for the app, they will have to enter their parent or guardian’s email. An email will automatically be sent to the parent, and this email will have links for a parent to complete the registration for the player. The parent will validate their consent with a credit card. The credit card is only used to verify the parent’s identity, it is not saved.  It is possible that small charge of $1.00 may appear on the parent’s credit card statement, but that will be reversed in a day or two.  If a parent does not want to use a credit card to verify their identity and give permission, they may contact SNYPR support at [email protected].

US Lacrosse and SNYPR contracts with a reputable and secure third party to validate cards.

Yes. During the registration process the player will be asked to enter a username and password.  If a player wants to use a different phone to record reps, they will need to download the app to the new phone and enter their username and password.
No, a player may also use and iPod Touch or other Internet connected device that can run Android or iOS apps, has accelerometers and gyroscopes and can be attached to the player’s arm. This device must always be connected to a wireless network for the app to function correctly.

If a player needs to change mobile devices, they can download the SNYPR app to a new phone and log in using their username and password.  Reps recorded on their original phone will appear in their new phone.

If you are having difficulty transferring to a new phone, please contact SNYPR support at [email protected].


A sponsor is an individual designated by a player (usually a parent, relative or neighbor), who pays a fixed amount or per-rep amount to support that player’s efforts in raising money for the US Lacrosse First Stick Program.
No, a player can record reps and participate in the WallBall Challenge without sponsors.  We encourage all players to sign up a sponsor, as one of the primary purposes of the Challenge is to raise money for the First Stick Program.

When a player signs up to participate in the WallBall Challenge, they will automatically get their own fundraising page through RallyMe, the official fundraising partner of US Lacrosse. All fundraising pages can be found on

After adding a sponsor, by entering the sponsor’s email address and first and last name on the sponsorship screen in the SNYPR app, an email is automatically generated and sent to the potential sponsor asking for a pledge of support on behalf of the player…While on the player’s RallyMe fundraising page, a sponsor may choose to pledge a fixed amount or a per rep amount (e.g. $.01 per rep).

The sponsor will make their credit card payment based on their pledge choice. All funds raised go directly to the US Lacrosse Foundation and the fundraising amounts are totaled and shared on the player’s fundraising page. Donors have the choice to remain anonymous. 

At any point during the WallBall Challenge, a player can easily share their RallyMe fundraising page via Facebook, Twitter, email, etc. and ask for support. The more a player shares their fundraising page, the more pledges they’ll receive.

Yes, SNYPR will only ask for your credit card information if you are a parent or guardian providing consent for a player under 13. If you are not a parent or guardian of a player under 13, we will not collect your card in SNYPR.

For fundraising payments, RallyMe uses industry leading credit card processer, Stripe to process the donor’s payment.

Yes. Upon completion of the pledge payment through RallyMe, a payment receipt is automatically emailed to the donor for tax purposes.
This US Lacrosse WallBall Challenge will benefit the US Lacrosse First Stick Program, which provides grants benefiting new and developing youth and high school lacrosse teams nationwide. Grants provide equipment, safety resources, US Lacrosse Membership and coach training. In 2016, new lacrosse opportunities were provided to over 3,000 boys and girls through 128 First Stick Grants to deserving programs. US Lacrosse grants for the First Stick Program from the Challenge will be awarded based on each Region’s participation in raising money. Regions will see direct benefit of promoting the Challenge in their region.


The Challenge will run June 1-30.

SNYPR is a technology start up company in Silicon Valley, California that has built an engagement platform for youth sports. Their mission is to develop a player’s skill and confidence by making individual practice a fun, social and competitive game.

SNYPR is starting with lacrosse, the sport in which SNYPR founders have deep experience as former D1 players, All-Americans, coaches, sports marketing executives, and lacrosse program administrators.

Learn more about SNYPR at:


Yes. One of the newest features in the SNYPR app is the ability for a coach to form a Team and track his or her players both inside the app as well as through the coaches portal on the SNYPR website. To learn more about how to form a team, go to

You can receive promotional support for adding the US Lacrosse WallBall Challenge to your camp program or tournament. It is an easy way for your camp or tournament to be seen as supporting player development, the growth of the game, and giving back to the community. This support may include social media, email notifications, flyers, promotional sleeves, etc.

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