First Stick Program

The US Lacrosse First Stick Program is a two (2) year partnership between US Lacrosse and awarded teams that is designed to deliver comprehensive team development resources-such as equipment, USL membership and coaching education-to expand participation beyond traditional boundaries.

The core purpose of the program is to create long-term partnerships between US Lacrosse and First Stick teams and to support the growth of lacrosse nationally, at all youth levels (U-19 and below) and at all stages of organizational development. This partnership will create self-sustaining programs that will operate by US Lacrosse national standards and best practices at the completion of the program. As US Lacrosse is committed to providing benefits and resources to assist in team development, each First Stick team is expected to remain committed to the First Stick program for two years.

The First Stick program seeks to expand participation beyond traditional boundaries and inspire kids to play hard, dream big and act responsibility within the sport of lacrosse and the game of life.

The heart of the First Stick Program lies in the belief that a child's first lacrosse stick not only serves as a means to play the sport, but is a symbol of the life-enhancing values such as confidence, teamwork, sportsmanship and leadership that can be developed through lacrosse. Read more about the history of the program.

Soft-Stick Equipment Grant

Parents of first-time players are hesitant to invest in equipment. Use the soft-stick rules and equipment to teach fundamentals to new players and parents. This is great way to see who is interested in coming out to play on the "real" team, and parents like this as an initial step, before they buy all of the equipment for their kids. The soft lacrosse sticks and soft balls are gender-neutral, and if you use the US Lacrosse Curriculum Guide to teach the sport, there is no additional equipment or protection needed to play. It is our hope that the co-ed version of lacrosse can inspire participants to seek opportunities to play the traditional version of the game if they enjoy the soft-lacrosse experience.

Apply to the US Lacrosse Soft-Stick Equipment Grant if your team needs sticks and balls for co-ed lacrosse. The US Lacrosse Soft Stick Lacrosse Equipment Grant provides a set of soft lacrosse equipment to schools, after-school programs, and community-based youth organizations. A set of soft lacrosse equipment includes:

  • 30 soft lacrosse sticks
  • 30 soft lacrosse balls
  • one (1) copy of the US Lacrosse PE Curriculum Guide and Reproducible packet
  • one (1) copy of the Teaching Soft-Stick Lacrosse DVD


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