What is the Sportsmanship Matching Grant Program?

The US Lacrosse Sportsmanship Matching Grant is designed to help lacrosse organizations educate their leaders, parents and athletes on honoring the game. Through this grant, US Lacrosse will subsidize 50% of the cost of a one-year Positive Coaching Alliance (PCA) partnership to awarded organizations. The partnership consists of up to 3 live "in-person" workshops for leaders, parents or athletes. In addition, US Lacrosse will cover 100% of the cost of books, which accompany (and are required for) all live "in-person" PCA workshops.

In addition, you will receive these partner benefits:

  • One (1) PCA all-weather nylon banner
  • Monthly: Leadership Game Plan (tips for organization leaders)
  • Exclusive access to PCA partner account and planning website
  • Dedicated partner support manager available on-demand
  • Use of the PCA logo and content on your organization’s website
  • Exclusive access to local PCA chapter events
  • 10% off your first purchase at PCA's online store (merchandise, etc.)
  • Up to 20 free online seats per live workshop

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How will a PCA partnership benefit my organization?

  • Leaders (board members, administration, etc.) learn how to establish and sustain a Positive Coaching culture so that every leader, coach, parent and player understands what it means to "Honor the Game."
  • Parents learn how to help their kids get the most out of the lacrosse experience and to focus on his or her role as a Second-Goal Parent® in maintaining the Positive Culture.
  • Athletes will have more fun, increase their capacity to develop and learn, and will be more likely to return to play lacrosse the next year.


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