US Lacrosse believes there are many reasons to play sports, including athletes enjoying a wide range of physical, emotional and social benefits. But abuse, on any level and in any form, can not be part of the equation. Effective October 15, 2018, all new and renewing adult coach memberships will require a mandatory national background screening

It is the intent of our SafeSport Program to clearly demonstrate the US Lacrosse commitment to the safety and well-being of lacrosse athletes. The paramount principal for US Lacrosse and its members is that any and all forms of physical and sexual abuse and/or misconduct are strictly prohibited. 

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US Lacrosse requires the highest standard of integrity for its members to ensure that abuse and misconduct do not occur at any level. No member of US Lacrosse may engage in behaviors that are considered child sexual abuse, sexual misconduct, physical abuse, or physical misconduct. 

Any suspicion will be reported to state and local child protective services and law enforcement agencies. At a minimum, members engaged in prohibited conduct will be subject to loss of membership in US Lacrosse.

For questions related to SafeSport please contact [email protected].

If you have questions regarding your coach membership status or background screening, please contact [email protected].