"60 Ways to Play" Helps Get Kids Moving the Right Way

Jun 05, 2018

US Lacrosse has published a new resource for coaches, “60 Ways to Play” that provides the tools and understanding behind the principles of physical literacy to help children discover how their body works and how to move on their own without constant inference or “over-coaching.”

Physical literacy is one of six core values of the Lacrosse Athlete Development Model, and a key building block to developing a well-rounded athlete.

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Letting Go: A Key to Athlete Development

Apr 04, 2018

How do kids learn to ride a bike?  Do we have them pedal 50 times with only their right foot, then 50 times with only their left foot?  Do we have them sit stationary and practice turning the handlebars right 25 times, then left 25 times?  Do they have personal braking coaches? The answer to all of these is no. We give them some guidance, hold the seat while they pedal and gain enough speed to balance, then we let go.

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Understanding Talent

Mar 14, 2018

Let’s start this off by getting the hard part of the conversation out of the way. Repeat after me: “There is no such thing as an elite 8-year-old lacrosse player. There are no high-performance 10-year-old lacrosse players.” 


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The Impact of Being a Youth Coach

Feb 22, 2018

Charlotte Hounds head coach Jim Stagnitta credits his earliest coaches as being some of the most influential of his athletic career.

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Winning the Race to the Right Finish Line

Jan 31, 2018

John O’Sullivan, founder of the Changing the Game Project, penned an interesting blog last week entitled, “Winning the Race to the Right Finish Line in Youth Sports.”

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Age, It's All Relative

Jan 26, 2018

Recent research in sport has shown that at the “elite” level of participation, there is an over-representation of athletes born in the first three months (the September 1 birthday) following a sport’s age and eligibility cut-off date. This phenomenon is often referred to as the Relative Age Effect and it has some serious implications for the development of aspiring young athletes.

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Free Play a Healer for Today's Drill Epidemic

Dec 11, 2017

Charlotte Christian (N.C.) coach Billy Ward chronicles the benefits of installing a free-play period into his practices

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Celebrating Lacrosse and Fun at Lax Spooktacular

Oct 31, 2017

The Lax Spooktacular, a 4v4 playday at US Lacrosse, featured more than 20 boys and girls teams of various age groups enjoying lacrosse, showing off creative costumes and having fun off the field with some traditional Halloween activities like trunk or treating.

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US Lacrosse to Host Lax Spooktacular 4v4 Play Day

Oct 02, 2017

October is here, and we’re ready for Halloween at US Lacrosse. In celebration, we’re hosting the Lax Spooktacular 4v4 Play Day on Oct. 28 on Tierney Field at US Lacrosse Headquarters.

The event, which is open to kids ages 9 to 14, will run in two sessions from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Don’t forget to show up for the pre-play costume contest and bring a treat bag to “trunk or treat” during the festivities. The 4v4 Spooktacular will be played in a round robin format and prizes will be awarded to teams with the best costumes.

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Talent Development vs. Talent Selection

Sep 11, 2017

U.S. Open champion Sloane Stephens is a prime example of why we shouldn't put limits on young athletes.

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