The Agonizing Dilemma: Winning vs. Development

Nov 28, 2016

Whether you’re a player, coach or parent, no one wants to lose. But what if your overwhelming desire to win is actually hurting your development? Look at the story of tennis pro Dominic Thiem, who took a big step backward to get better.

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Small-Sided Competition is Just One Piece of the Puzzle

Nov 17, 2016

Small-sided competition is just one of six core values of the Lacrosse Athlete Development Model (LADM). To fully realize the values of the LADM, leagues and programs need to embrace all six values.

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Developing Athleticism for Lacrosse: Where to Begin?

Nov 16, 2016

Developing physical literacy is a core value of the Lacrosse Athlete Development Model. Tony Moreno writes that flexibility, balance, coordination, agility, and quickness are the most important bio-motor abilities for younger athletes.

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Competition, Not Specialization, Builds Elite Athletes

Nov 15, 2016

If you think single-sport specialization is the path to success, former Team USA member Mitch Belisle of Trilogy Lacrosse has some advice for you: Go climb a tree.

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What You Say Versus What They Hear

Oct 31, 2016

What coaches say and what kids hear can come through loud and clear, or can undergo a significant metamorphosis depending on the age of the child. The younger the child, the more single-step, specific, positive, and repetitive communication must be.

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Sports Tailor Made to Youth Players

Oct 27, 2016

The rules for youth lacrosse have been aligned with the Lacrosse Athlete Development Model (LADM) to build a logical progression for introducing and developing lacrosse players. Here's a look at what some other sports do for younger players, and how new player development initiatives are being implemented.

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A Logical Progression: The Evolution of Lacrosse Players

Oct 25, 2016

Why the U.S. lags behind smaller countries — and lacrosse lags behind other sports — in long-term athlete development.

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FAQ: New US Lacrosse Youth Rules

Oct 24, 2016

Last month, US Lacrosse announced new rules for youth lacrosse that align with the principles of the Lacrosse Athlete Development Model (LADM). The LADM is designed to encourage skill development and grow overall participation by promoting a safe and fun playing environment through its coaching curriculum and the associated age-appropriate rule sets.

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Get Chunking: Increase Efficiency with Station-Based Practices

Oct 18, 2016

An athlete development-minded coach knows better than to have his or her entire team participating in just one or two drills at a time. Young athletes come to practice to participate, not to stand around and wait their turn in a robotic exercise. Spreading them across multiple stations directly engages them and drastically reduces waiting time. And with more individualized instruction, they will improve faster.

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How Soon is Too Soon to Specialize?

Oct 05, 2016

Across the country, athletes are starting to specialize in a chosen sport at younger and younger ages. But how young is too young? The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) issued a clinical report published in the Pediatrics journal last month examining this topic. The short answer is — athletes should not specialize in a single sport at least until they reach puberty, and preferably not until later in adolescence (approximately 15-16 years of age).

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