Takeaways From the US Lacrosse "Athlete Mindset Series"

Nov 18, 2020

Here are the top takeaways from the US Lacrosse Athlete Mindset Series, an eight-part series featuring Dr. Arman Taghizadeh "Dr. T" and guests from the lacrosse world on a variety of topics.

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The Importance of Athlete Mindset

Nov 17, 2020

When thinking about our Core Value, Inclusive and Age Appropriate, a key part of it is the development of athletes in environments that are welcoming for all and development that is appropriate for the stage of development the athlete is in. Often, development is thought of as mostly physical. However, it includes emotional and mental development, too.

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In the Space: Re-Examining Team Culture

Oct 07, 2020

Lauren Davenport, manager of athlete development for US Lacrosse, writes about how team cultures should evolve.

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What Playing Multiple Sports Has Taught U.S. Team Athletes

Jul 30, 2020

Did you know that every current U.S. national team player —in both our men's and women's programs —have all participated in multiple sports throughout their lives? We asked them: What skill(s) have you learned from playing multiple sports? This is what they shared.

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Celebrating Multi-Sport Paticipation

Jul 23, 2020

Multi-sport participation is one of the six core values in the Lacrosse Athlete Development Model. Lauren Davenport shows some of the reasons why.

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A Call to Action for the Lacrosse Community: Create Opportunities

Jun 25, 2020

Lauren Davenport, manager of athlete development at US Lacrosse, shares her experiences with race and tangible steps the lacrosse community can take to create more opportunities for people of color in the sport.

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Are You Building Context Between Practice and Competition?

May 21, 2020

The benefits of small-sided competition coaches utilize in practice can easily be applied to pre-game warmups. The continuity helps athletes feel comfortable and the continuity and context from what they learned in practice is more easily carried over to gameday.

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You're Never "Too Small" to Play Lacrosse

May 14, 2020

The use of small-sided games in practice can lead to better self-regulation, better sportsmanship, better communication, quicker decision-making, high levels of competitiveness, discovering strategies, and lots of fun all around for your team.

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When Play Truly Becomes Free

May 06, 2020

Free play provides opportunities for kids to get creative, be social, be imaginative, work on emotions, problem solve, and most importantly, to have fun. As coaches, any time we offer the opportunity for free play (at all ages), we allow players to tap into those same opportunities.

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Five Ways to Get Your Players Involved on Earth Day and Beyond

Apr 22, 2020

If you are looking for some team activities to engage your players with this Earth Day, and beyond, here are some ideas to promote long-term environmental awareness and sustainability.

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