Being a Good Mentee

Feb 01, 2016

When we talk about the mentor-mentee relationship, we often point out what it takes to be a good mentor. While certainly a worthwhile conversation, we can’t neglect the other side of the relationship: What does it take to be a good student or mentee, when it comes to lacrosse officiating?

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Being a Good Mentor

Nov 01, 2015

Being a good mentor is the lifeline of officiating. Especially in the sport of lacrosse, where there is a shortage in the number and quality of officials. We need to do everything we can to encourage young and new officials to strive to get better and move up to face new challenges. We need to make sure that we are not "guarding against new officials taking our games." That type of mentality is a cancer in the officiating world.

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Communication - Key Factor in Game Management

Oct 01, 2015

Supervisors often say what separates good officials from the great ones is the ability to communicate effectively during a game. This communication has 4 parts to it:

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