Drill Specs

Drill Theme:


Field Position:


Drill Style:

Skills, Games

Time Needed:

15 min

Field Location:

Attack Zone

Skill Level:




To work on the draw and dump around the crease. Draw two players to ball and throw a dump pass to the open player cutting through the middle.

Description of Drill-Execution

Begin with 2 attackers, 1 attacker set up behind the cage and the other attacker on the elbow of the 8-meter. Have defenders guarding both attackers. The attacker behind the cage challenges hard to goal hopefully drawing her defender, AND the defender guarding the other attacker. As both defenders are drawn to 1 attacker, it leaves the other attacker open, cutting through the middle for a feed and shot on goal. Make sure to clarify that defenders do not always need to slide. If it is necessary they should help, if not then they should stay and play good defense.

Drill Diagram: 

Skills Practiced:

  1. Offensive Movement
  2. Clearing space offensively
  3. Feeding

Variations/Progression/Increased difficulty (As your players improve their skills incorporate the following…)

You can have your players do this drill from both sides, first undefended then add a defender. When you add a defender they could be without sticks, and then build to defenders with sticks so attackers can figure out passing lanes.