Drill Specs

Drill Theme:


Field Position:


Drill Style:


Time Needed:

15 min

Field Location:

Half Field

Skill Level:




Allows players to practice taking care of the ball in the midfield when under pressure.

Description of Drill-Execution

Four cones are set up in a box each about 15 yards apart and there is a defender at each of the cones.  X1 starts between the two cones closest to the goal.  X1 has 2 outlets, X2 and X3, who are positioned up field.  X1 has one objective, don’t turn the ball over.  The drill begins with the coach rolling a ground ball to X1.  Once the ground ball leaves the coaches stick, the 4 defenders take off and go after X1 attempting to force a turnover.  Once the defenders apply pressure to X1, the coach blows a whistle which releases the two outlets and signals for X1 to move the ball.  The outlets look to help X1 while the defenders adjust to cover them.

Many players try to run through pressure which can result in a turnover.  Maintaining possession is the most important aspect of this drill.  Stress backing out of pressure/running out of pressure (instead of through it) to maintain possession.  This drill forces players with the ball under pressure to look up and keep their feet moving so they can find an outlet pass before they get swarmed.

Drill Diagram: 

Skills Practiced:

  1. Cutting to space
  2. Transitioning the ball down field
  3. Seeing and showing for the ball
  4. Breaking into open passing lanes
  5. Recovering defensively

Variations/Progression/Increased difficulty (As your players improve their skills incorporate the following…)

Coaches can have the defenders play without sticks to work on their footwork for closing double teams and not allow checking.