Drill Specs

Drill Theme:

Even Strength

Field Position:

Offense, Defense

Drill Style:


Time Needed:

15 min

Field Location:


Skill Level:




Teach your team to move the ball in limited space and also pursuit the ball to cause turnovers.  This drill allows players to move the ball and work on looking off players before they pass to their target.  Communication is key in this drill and the drill can be made into a conditioning drill as well.

Description of Drill-Execution

Start with ten players, five in dark and 5 in white.  The dark team sets up with 5 cones set up in a box, and one in the middle.  A player is standing over top of each cone and is limited to about 2 steps away from each cone, so they do not run and change cones.  The dark team will pass a ball around to any open player, and after 3 passes the white team sends in a player to defender and pressure a turnover.  After 3 more passes another player is added, and this process goes on until it is 5 v 5.  At any time, when a turnover occurs the white team will take the ball and move over to the next set of cones, set up with 5 players over cones and start the 3 pass rule.  Dark adds one player per every 3 passes.

Drill Diagram: 

Skills Practiced:

  1. Stick Handling
  2. Ball Movement
  3. Defensive Positioning

Variations/Progression/Increased difficulty (As your players improve their skills incorporate the following…)

Add checking to the drill as listed above in the description. A checking variation can improve any drill based on the rules your age group is playing.