Drill Specs

Drill Theme:

Shooting, Goalie Play

Field Position:

Offense, Goalie

Drill Style:

Games, Skill

Time Needed:

10 min

Field Location:

Attack Zone

Skill Level:




Attackers practice shooting accuracy with fakes. Goalie works on saving shots from all angles. Also goalies work on resetting quickly after being out of position.

Description of Drill-Execution

There are 5 shooters and 1 goalie. The shooters are lined up around the 12m, 8m, and behind the cage.  X1 and X2 start behind the cage, drive around the goal and fake, and shoot.  X3 and X4 take a couple of steps and take a shot in-between the 12m and the 8m. X5 begins on the center hash of the 8m, fakes and shoots.

Players will take their shots in the order listed below:

X1, X3, X2, X4, and X5

The goalie must be ready and set in good position because this drill moves at a fast pace. Once all 5 shooters had their turn, reset.

Drill Diagram: 

Skills Practiced:

  1. Placing shots
  2. Moving the Goalie
  3. Goalie Play- Reaction Time

Variations/Progression/Increased difficulty (As your players improve their skills incorporate the following…)

Add light defensive pressure on shooters to create a more game-like situation.