Club or Rec Youth Lacrosse: What’s Best for Your Child?

Jan 14, 2015

The club-rec dynamic imposes difficult decisions on youth players. Kate Hickman discusses the evolution of youth lacrosse and how it affects your child.

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Rec-Less Abandon: The Club-Rec Divide

Jan 12, 2015

Club or rec? The choice, if forced upon you, comes down to what will allow your child to love his or her lacrosse experience.

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Top 10 Boys Lacrosse Rule Myths: Busted

Jan 09, 2015

Confused about a situation you've seen on the lacrosse field? Our resident official digs in to the rulebook to debunk the top 10 boys lacrosse rule myths.

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A Look Inside the “Hybrid” Youth Lacrosse Program

Dec 16, 2014

What if we found a middle ground between developmental rec programs and select travel programs? Here’s a look at a successful “hybrid” youth lacrosse program.

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Dom Starsia: A (Second) Letter to Lacrosse Parents

Nov 25, 2014

University of Virginia head coach Dom Starsia shares his thoughts on the role of club lacrosse in player development.

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Women’s Recruiting Survey: There’s Still Some Sanity

Nov 14, 2014

Results of a recent IWLCA recruiting survey support a refreshing reality for high school juniors and seniors who feel like their time has passed.

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Rec: It's Not a Dirty Word

Nov 05, 2014

With the trend towards travel and club lacrosse programs, is there still a place for rec? This writer thinks so.

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4 Unwritten Rule Ideas for Improving Youth Boys Lacrosse

Oct 21, 2014

These “off the books” rules can help youth boys’ lacrosse players improve their skills and maintain a safe, positive experience.

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Survey: Parents Concerned with Quality, Behavior of Youth Coaches

Oct 16, 2014

A new national survey of parents by espnW shows broad and deep concern about a variety of key issues involving youth athletics, and coaching in particular.

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Are Developmental Rec Lacrosse Teams Going Extinct?

Oct 09, 2014

This lacrosse mom hopes we can put the development back into recreational teams and let the travel teams do the traveling and selection.

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