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US Lacrosse e-learning has undergone a 2016 makeover, and now the world’s largest library of lacrosse-specific online learning tools features over 24 unique courses for training, certification and ongoing professional development.

Among the most popular courses offered:

  • Level 1 Fundamentals of Coaching (boys’ and girls’ courses)
  • Level 2 Coaching (men’s and women’s courses)
  • How to Make Proper Contact (men’s)
  • Fundamentals of Goalkeeping (men’s and women’s courses)
  • Rules Tests (for youth and high school boys’ and girls’ lacrosse)

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Course Listings

Course Name Category
LaxPrep 2.0 Coach Courses/Sessions
LaxPrep 101-Intro and Phase 1 Coach Courses/Sessions
LaxPrep - Lower Extremity Injury Prevention (COMING SOON!) Coach Courses/Sessions
Facing Off - Greg Gurenlian Facing Off
Goalie Coaching - Dianna Eberl Goalkeeping Courses
Goalie Coaching - Chris Garrity, Former MLL Player Goalkeeping Courses
Fundamentals of Women's Goalkeeping Goalkeeping Courses
Fundamentals of Men's Goalkeeping Goalkeeping Courses
How to Make Proper Contact Level 1 Courses
Fundamentals of Coaching Girls' Lacrosse Level 1 Courses
Fundamentals of Coaching Boys' Lacrosse Level 1 Courses
Boy's Level 1 Certification Bundle Level 1 Courses
Women's Level 2 Online Course Level 2 Courses
Men's Level 2 Course Level 2 Courses
Ted Glynn - Goalkeeping Mens Game Coaches
Paul Rabil - Drills for Development Mens Game Coaches
Mitch Belisle - Transition Defense Mens Game Coaches
Mike Murphy - Building Culture Mens Game Coaches
Mike Muetzel - Up Tempo Practice Mens Game Coaches
Kacy Small - Developing Shooters Mens Game Coaches
Jim Berkman - Foundations and Fundamentals Mens Game Coaches
Hank Janczyk - Team Culture Mens Game Coaches
Dave Pietramala - Team Culture Mens Game Coaches
Brad Gigliotti - Goalie Training Mens Game Coaches
Kevin Forrester - Faceoff Mechanics Mens Game Officials
2016 Boys US Lacrosse Youth Rules Interpretation Mens Game Officials
2016 Boy's NFHS Rules Interpretation Session Mens Game Officials
Brian Baxter - The Mental Game for Referees Officials
Mens' Game - Coach and Official Perspectives Officiating Courses
Girls Rules and Penalties Online Course Officiating Courses
Boys Rules and Penalty Online Course Officiating Courses
TJ Buchanan - The Lacrosse Athlete Development Model: A Technical Overview Program Administrators
Jim Thompson - Program Culture Program Administrators
2016 Rules Test - U9/U11 Boy's Rules Tests
2016 Rules Test - U13/U15 Boys Rules Tests
2016 Rules Test - HS Boys Rules Tests
2016 Girls U9 and U11 Rules Test Rules Tests
2016 Girls U13 and U15 Rules Test Rules Tests
2016 Girls High School Rules Rules Tests
Learn to Play Instructor Training Special Enrollment
Peter Milliman - Individual and Team Defense Tactics Sessions
Krystin Porcella - Team Offense Tactics Sessions
Joe Starsia - Rock the Pick Tactics Sessions
Chuck Ruebling - Player Evaluation Theory Sessions
Chris Nentarz - Mobility for Performance Theory Sessions
Adam Norton - Coaching 9.0 Theory Sessions
Lee Krug - Drill Design Womens Game Coaches
Joe Spallina - Team Culture Womens Game Coaches
Jessy Morgan - Developing Defenders Womens Game Coaches
Jen Muston - Offensive Drills and Film Womens Game Coaches
Janine Tucker - Dominating Defenders Womens Game Coaches
Greg Danto - Transition Lacrosse Womens Game Coaches
Dennis Short - Individual Skills Womens Game Coaches
Denise Wescott - Goalkeeping Womens Game Coaches
Dee Stephan - Individual Skill Building Womens Game Coaches
Dee Stephan - Draw Skills Womens Game Coaches
Cathy Reese - Team Chemistry Womens Game Coaches
Amanda Shimp - Loose Ball Situations Womens Game Coaches
Connie Walton - Two Person System Womens Game Officials
2016 NFHS Girls Rules Interpretation Womens Game Officials