US Lacrosse seeks to foster a national lacrosse community that encourages understanding, appreciation and acceptance of all within its membership, volunteer base, and staff. Further, US Lacrosse believes that broad representation and participation add significant value to the lacrosse experience of each of us, and that these valued experiences are enhanced by embracing underrepresented and underserved communities.





US Lacrosse is proud to work with Nation United Foundation (NUF), Black Lacrosse Alliance and other stakeholders in the lacrosse community in supporting the WE STAND initiative, an effort aimed at promoting anti-harassment and anti-racism in sports.


Urban Lacrosse Alliance

The Urban Lacrosse Alliance (ULA) is designed to enable qualified affiliates the ability to address needs unique to their lacrosse programming through education and resources. Through these alliances, US Lacrosse hopes to support self-sustaining youth lacrosse programs in underrepresented communities that operate by US Lacrosse national standards and best practices.

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Adaptive Lacrosse

Adaptive lacrosse is an offering of the sport provided for people with physical or intellectual impairments. Athletes with disabilities benefit from the same training and conditioning as athletes without disabilities, and generally, the same program used for athletes without disabilities can be used for their peers with a disability, with a few modifications.

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Diversity & Inclusion National Grant Program

US Lacrosse created the Diversity and Inclusion National Grant Program in 2014, providing funding to qualified organizations that initiate and/or continue programs or projects that promote lacrosse participation and education.

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Best Practices & Resources

The goal for each program, chapter or league should be to become an organization where diversity and inclusion are a fundamental part of the values and culture of the program. Bringing together varied life experiences and perspectives adds significant value to your community and reinforces the concept of inclusivity.

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