Protocol for Alleged Ethics Violations

Only allegations that pertain to US Lacrosse volunteer and staff leadership, as well as events that are run or sanctioned by US Lacrosse, are eligible for Ethics Advisory Subcommittee (EAS) review. US Lacrosse does not operate leagues. Complaints involving leagues, non-sanctioned tournaments or other lacrosse organizations independent of US Lacrosse do not qualify for consideration by the EAS and should be directed to the that entity’s leadership.

The identities of both the complainant and the accused party will be held in strictest confidence.

  1. Any allegation of noncompliance with the US Lacrosse Code of Ethics (“Complaint”) by a US Lacrosse national volunteer or staff member shall be submitted to the Ethics Advisory Subcommittee (EAS) in care of US Lacrosse, 2 Loveton Circle, Sparks, MD 21152, using the online submission form within these pages, and shall include as much specificity as possible with respect to the alleged infraction(s). One member of the EAS shall serve as the point of contact (the “POC”) for the complaint and shall lead the process of review and consideration for the EAS. All appropriate documentation and/or evidence supporting the allegations shall be submitted at the time at which the Complaint is made. Any party bringing a Complaint must agree to maintain confidentiality with respect to the Complaint while it is under review by US Lacrosse.
  1. Upon review of a Complaint, the POC shall notify the accused party in writing setting forth with specificity the alleged violations. In its notification, the POC shall direct the accused party to file with EAS a written response within thirty (30) days (the “Response”). The Response shall include with specific particularity responses to each individual allegation. If the accused party does not file a Response within the thirty (30) days, EAS shall commence its formal review of the Complaint.
  1. The POC will collect all information submitted, redacting the identities of the parties and all information non-essential to the EAS’s review. The POC shall forward all of the information gathered to the members of EAS sufficiently in advance of the EAS meeting to discuss the case so as to allow the EAS members to review the materials. EAS shall review the Complaint and the Response and all of the information gathered by the POC. In order for EAS to undertake its review, there must be a quorum (4 members) at the EAS meeting for review of the alleged violation. Upon completion of its review, EAS shall submit a written report and recommendation for action to the Executive Committee for its review and consideration. The Executive Committee shall produce a written decision on the matter. The decision shall be issued to both parties in writing and shall be final and binding.