Why Officiate?

Officiating is a perfect way to stay actively involved in the game and enjoy great camaraderie. The officiating community is the “third team” on the field and through officiating you can develop friendships and connections with others committed to the game.
Officials are important ambassadors for the sport and you will develop and be able to share your knowledge and perspective of the game and can make a difference in its future.
Officials are right in the action of the game with the players. Officiating is a great way to stay in shape and get some exercise. Schedules are flexible as many games and times are offered and you can work as many or as little as your schedule permits.
If you’ve experienced officiating other sports, you can easily transition those experiences to the fastest game on two feet. There is a world of opportunity to grow and develop as a lacrosse official.
Officiating also allows you to supplement your income with a few extra dollars. Officials at all levels of competition are compensated for officiating contests.

Get Started Today

Are You Ready To Join The Third Team on The Field?

1. Contact Your Local Officials Organization

For those new to US Lacrosse officiating, the first step is to get connected to the Local Officiating Organization in your area to find out training dates, times and locations near you. Click on the link below to fill out a form that will connect you with your State Officiating Coordinator!

Become an Official!

2. Join US Lacrosse

Joining US Lacrosse will provide you with some great resources and incentives as an official. You will receive discounts to purchase the uniform and equipment needed as well as access to online courses and other tools that will assist you in becoming an official.

Join US Lacrosse

3. Complete Your Certification

US Lacrosse offers comprehensive training, education and certification for all officials. To learn more about the requirements for certification follow the links below:

Officials Certification

4. Get Out On The Field

Once you complete all the steps to becoming a certified official you will already have had some experience officiating games. Keep going out there and improving your skill as an officials. Most importantly have fun doing it!