The 2019 Clinic schedule will be released after the National Convention (1/13).

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Level 1 Clinics

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Level 1 Clinics

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Level 2 Clinics

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Women's Kansas City MO 3/2-3/3 Register

Level 3 Clinics

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Women's Radnor PA April 26-27 Register


  • 2019 webinars will be posted here after the National Convention.



The Experience

Clinic Q&A

Why You Should Attend a Clinic!

Learn Correct Positioning

Ever feel like you're working hard, but not seeing the entire play? US Lacrosse clinicians will explain how to get into the best positions, and how to adapt your position depending on how play develops.

Review Game Film!

Much of the classroom session of US Lacrosse clinics is devoted to film review. This helps all attendees learn about their penalty threshold, and what the clinicians will look for regarding mechanics and positioning.

Practice Your Mechanics!

You cannot change what you do not know needs changing! US Lacrosse Clinicians are adept at recognizing when your officiating skills need to be tweaks, and are experts in delivering that feedback in meaningful ways.