Officiating Development Clinics

Whether you are brand new to officiating, a less experienced official or an official looking to reach your maximum potential to take the next step in your career, our developmental clinics are designed to help you achieve your goal.

Level 1 Clinics

Develop Fundamentals

Level 2 Clinic

Strengthen Skills

Level 3

Master Abilities

Level 1 Clinics

The Level 1 curriculum is classroom based and designed to teach all aspects of becoming a lacrosse official.  You will acquire the foundation of knowledge pertaining to the rules, penalties, positioning, mechanics and game management.

Game City State Dates Registration Spots Remaining
Women's  Baltimore MD 5/31-6-1 CLOSED FULL
Women's  Amherst  MA 6/7-8 CLOSED FULL
Women's Stowe VT 7/13-14 CLOSED FULL
Women's Memphis TN 10/5 CLOSED 30
Women's Waukesha WI 11/3 Register 30
Women's Charleston WV 11/9 Register 30
Women's West Palm Beach FL 11/22 Register 30
Women's  Savannah GA 11/9 Register


Men's Savannah GA 11/9 Cancelled 30
Men's Knoxville TN 12/14 Register 30


Level 2 Clinics

This clinic offers experienced officials a deeper training in two person positioning and mechanics, as well as a greater understanding of rules application, penalty administration and game management.

Game City State Dates Apply/Register Spots Remaining
Women's San Diego CA 6/21-6/22 Closed 1


Level 3 Clinics

The clinic focuses on learning and refining skills in Three Person positioning and mechanics, as well as continued development in areas of communication, teamwork and game management for a higher level game.

Game City State Dates Apply/Register Spaces Remaining
Women's  Bel Air  MD 5/24-5/26 CLOSED  
Women's  Petaluma CA 6/7-6/9 CLOSED FULL
Women's Lawrenceville NJ 6/21-23 CLOSED FULL
Women's Vail CO 6/29-7/1 CLOSED FULL
Men's Vail CO 6/29-7/3 CLOSED FULL
Women's  St. Louis  MO 7/12-7/14 CLOSED FULL
Women's Portland OR 7/19-7/21 CLOSED FULL
Women's Stillwater MN 7/19-21 CLOSED 2
Women's Cincinnati OH 7/27-28 CLOSED 5
Women's Naperville IL 7/26-28 CLOSED 4
Men's Columbus OH 7/18-7/21 CLOSED 18
Men's Chapel Hill NC 7/25-7/27 CLOSED 18
Men's Tampa FL 11/22-11/24 Apply 12
Men's Austin TX 12/6-12/8 Cancelled 12
Women's Houston TX 12/6/8 Register 15



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Why You Should Attend a Clinic!

Learn Correct Positioning

Ever feel like you're working hard, but not seeing the entire play? US Lacrosse clinicians will explain how to get into the best positions, and how to adapt your position depending on how play develops.

Review Game Film!

Much of the classroom session of US Lacrosse clinics is devoted to film review. This helps all attendees learn about their penalty threshold, and what the clinicians will look for regarding mechanics and positioning.

Practice Your Mechanics!

You cannot change what you do not know needs changing! US Lacrosse Clinicians are adept at recognizing when your officiating skills need to be tweaks, and are experts in delivering that feedback in meaningful ways.