The Post Collegiate Subcommittee represents and provides a forum for men’s post collegiate players at every level of play. Its goal is to engage post collegiate players, coaches and administrators in an effort to establish national standards and increase the quality of play.

Post Collegiate Rules

These rules are based primarily on the NCAA Lacrosse Rules, except where changed herein. Some of the variations are based on other established rules, including prior NCAA or International rules. For clarity, certain rules are repeated or summarized herein. The US Lacrosse Men’s Game Committee has approved these rules. The age brackets and corresponding rules, including the contact permitted, are designed to allow players to continue to be active and participate in lacrosse, to play competitively with players close to their ages and capabilities, and to enjoy the camaraderie of the lacrosse community.

2015 Rules

Post Collegiate Survey

In order to better serve the Post Collegiate Club community, US Lacrosse has developed a short survey to assess the needs of administrators, coaches and players across the country. If you can please take a moment to fill out or pass along the following link to your teammates, it would be greatly appreciated.


US Lacrosse Post Collegiate Subcommittee

For more information or questions relating to the US Lacrosse Men’s Game Post Collegiate Subcommittee, please contact [email protected].

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